Titan XG90


The Titan XG90 by Horizon was custom engineered to efficiently maintain your indoor air quality. Developed using decades of in the field experience, the XG90 produces an impressive 370 CFM, making it the perfect option for any space up to 15,000 ft3. Even with its powerful output, the Titan is still ultra-efficient with a 2.8 L/kWh and only 5.5 AMPS. This impressive machine can also be customized to meet your needs with multiple upgrade options including ducting, filters, and remote control. Whether you’re facing too much moisture, unwelcome pests, or nasty mold, the Titan XG90 is the ideal dehumidifier for your application.

Specification Sheet for Titan XG90



Refrigerant: R410-A
Rated Condensate Capacity (80°F, 60%): 90 ppd
Rated Condensate Capacity (90°F, 90%): 165 ppd
COP: 2.8 L/KwH
F.L.A. at Rated Conditions (80°F, 60%): 5.5A
Airflow @ 0.00" S.P.: 370 CFM
Inlet Filter: Washable
Ducting Options : 6" Outlet
Return Duct (Optional): 9” Outlet
Digital Control: Yes
Sound Level: 58 dBA
Drain Pipe Connection: 12” Tube
Power Cord: 20′
Operating Temperature Range: 33-105°F
Operating Relative Humidity Range: 35-99%
Weight: 65 lbs.
Dimensions: L x W x H: 23.4” x 13.7” x 17”
Compressor Warranty: 5-Years
Basic Parts Warranty: 1-Years